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"Who Else Wants To Learn The Secret to Building A Great Physique..."
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The IAPC offers a number of bodybuilding/fitness information products which you can buy directly from this site...


Bodybuilding and Contest Preparation Certification Course

The world's only course on Bodybuilding Contest Preparation...(21 lessons...330 pages...
AUD$397 value) pictured left...


Bodybuilding Certificate pic Comes complete with professional wall certificate

Here's a few of the benefits from doing the course... 

Be regarded as a Master Physique Trainer which will enable you to charge more money for your valuable service and gain higher respect from your peers

Gain the reputation for being able to create bodybuilding winners and so word of mouth advertising will start building your business on autopilot

learn how to peak a client's physique for a particular event and day so they look their absolute best on contest day or for a magazine photo shoot

Earn the money you rightly deserve so your efforts are rewarded not only in job satisfaction...but also with a big fat bank account

Other personal trainers will envy you and wonder how you achieve such outstanding results with your clients and while they scratch their heads in amazement...you'll continue to improve your results even further...churning out championship physiques and gaining all the accolades associated with winners

Save years of "trial and error" embarrassment giving you an instant edge on your competition

For more information on the IAPC Bodybuilding Certification Course, and to buy...click here



Nutritional Food Composition Table Suite CD

As well as the Bodybuilding Certification Course, the IAPC also has the 2300 page  Nutritional Food Composition Table Suite CD for Windows (AUD$297 Value).

Here’s how the IAPC can help you build your reputation further, impress your clients more, and achieve results that presently seem only a dream…

The IAPC Nutritional Food Composition Table Suite is a must have reference for every personal trainer serious about their business and reputation…

With it you can quickly, easily and accurately design simple diets right up to the most advanced specialty eating plans in existence…the type that can give you and your clients a winning edge.

You can quickly find high protein foods, low carbohydrate foods, low fat foods, low calorie foods…foods high in potassium or zinc or sodium. Foods low in cholesterol…in fact whatever it is you need to know…you’ll find the answer here. Over 2000 pages…all with an accurate quick fast search function. 83 comprehensive tables in all…with a database of 6040 foods will enable you to select nutrient compositions for all of them. Not only can you use search function…you can browse the tables which are both alphabetically listed and sorted from highest to lowest.

Use these tables to manipulate fluid balance, reduce bodyfat or increase protein intake for muscle growth.

Eg. Using the alphabetical listing you can easily browse foods by categories. eg find the best fish or beef or bread for a certain nutrient, such as calories or protein or carbohydrate. Using the highest to lowest tables you can browse for the best foods high in something (eg high in potassium) or low in something (eg low in sodium) 

Here’s an alphabetical list of the nutrients covered in The IAPC Nutritional Food Composition Table Suite which comprises of 83 complete stand alone PDF tables for thousands of foods…

alpha carotene  fibre  riboflavin  
beta carotene   folate  selenium  
beta Cryptoxanthin   iron   sodium  
calcium lutein   thiamin  
calorie  lycopene total sugars
carbohydrate  magnesium   vitamin a iu  
cholesterol manganese vitamin a rae
choline niacin   vitamin b6 
copper    Oxalic Acid in Selected Vegetables vitamin b12  
fat  pantothenic acid(B5)   vitamin c   
fatty acids monounsaturated   phosphorus vitamin e   
fatty acids polyunsaturated   potassium   vitamin k 
fatty acids saturated   protein   water  

      Each nutrient in the chart above can be tracked/found in the food table suite both listed alphabetically or highest to lowest content. This gives you two powerful tools/ways to design diets

         At your fingertips you now have instant access to the latest nutritional composition tables in the world. Nothing else compares. This means no more guesswork and reliance on outdated information...giving you an edge on your competition

        The composition tables of 6,040 foods puts the power of the worlds most advanced reference library in your hands. Nothing is as comprehensive. But even more importantly…nothing is easier to use…inbuilt search function allows you to find exactly what you need…fast…no more wading through piles of irrelevant junk…pinpoint what you need and go straight to it!             

          Clients want to pay for the best trainer. Keep your clients up to date with your new IAPC 83 volume resource library at your disposal. This would have to be one of the best investments any personal trainer could make in their business…

          Imagine the benefits and control you have putting any diet together - working off such an extensive resource giving you the protein, fat and carbohydrate content (and more) of 6040 foods!

          In seconds find the precise details of dozens of compounds that exist in the food we eat today...quickly answer you clients questions…and give them a printout to take home and keep for themselves

          The research used to prepare these tables cost the U.S. Government $12,000 per food item, totalling $72 Million! But you’ve now got the chance to utilise this invaluable information to make your business and results fly. 

          You can't buy this information at a book store...and if you could, 83 tables complete with search engine would cost an arm and a leg.  

    There's no comparison to the IAPC Nutritional Suite available on the market today, nothing as comprehensive...so don’t waste time procrastinating and “thinking about it”…get into action now and start serving up better results for yourself and your clients immediately. Why not land one of your biggest wins ever for yourself, your business and your clients by buying the Food Suite now...

So whether it’s 2 in the morning or 10 at night…don’t waste another minute waiting for tomorrow…DO IT NOW!

The IAPC Nutritional Food Composition Table Suite Pro edition CD for Windows is valued at USD$297. 

Click here to BUY NOW 
AUD $297



Sports Injuries eBook 


A concise yet informative 44 page guide on Sports Injuries, complete with illustrations. Even though you may not need it now, it's essential you have it in your library. While a client may understand you can not answer every question on the spot - even doctors need to refer to their professional library... It's critical for your professional standing to have resources on hand to get the information quickly. A library makes a great statement about your professionalism... 

"An up-to-date manual on sports injuries should be an essential requirement in every Personal Trainers library."

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only AUD $19.97 


Question: "Who Else Wants To Learn The Secret to Building A Great Physique..."

Answer: Personal Trainers, Male and Female Bodybuilders, Ms Figure competitors, SportsModels and Bikini Style competitors as well as anyone else who desires a better body...

And what is the secret?

A: Knowledge...and you'll find it in the IAPC range of products listed above.

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