Directory of Personal Trainers - Bodybuilding Personal Trainer Directory 
Accredited IAPC Trainers  (IAPC Bodybuilding Contest Prep Course graduates)
Directory of Personal Trainers - Bodybuilding Personal Trainer Directory 

IAPC Personal Trainer Directory

Business Name:    MTT Training
Personal Name:    Manny Mangieri
Town/suburb:        Mascot NSW Australia
Phone number:     0404 874 528
Email Address:     [email protected]

Viktoria Mravcova

Business Name:    Fitness Body
Personal Name:    Viktoria Mravcova
Town/suburb:        Hilldale, NSW, Australia
Phone number:     0408 748 895
Email Address:     [email protected]

Ryan Watson - Personal Trainer & Competitive Bodybuilder
Ryan Watson

Between competing at Nationals and completing this certification I solidified myself and my business as a credible, successful and very driven person and company to look for when seeking guidance for your next show.


Business Name:            One More Rep Inc.

Personal Name:             Ryan Watson

Town/suburb:                Clearwater, Florida, USA

Phone numbers:            (727) 642 5424

Email address:              [email protected]


Tony  DiCostanzo

DreamBodies Body Transformation Systems is an Elite Worldwide Online personal training program that incorporates fat-melting dietary protocols, goal-specific exercise regimens, unlimited coaching and mind-motivational conditioning.   Founder Tony DiCostanzo is a Certified Professional Fitness trainer (NFPT-CPT) and Certified Sports Hypnotist (NESTA) who ensures that each and every client receives unparalleled individual attention.  Holistic in nature and unique in service, DreamBodies caters to Bodybuilders, figure competitors and athletes of all genres.  The holistic approach of goal-centered mind conditioning along with results-driven exercise and nutrition applications empowers clients with the direction and tools to achieve their peak condition and absolute best body. 

Business Name:    DreamBodies BTS 
Personal Name:    Tony S. DiCostanzo
Town/suburb:       Long Island, New York  U.S.A  
E-mail:                  [email protected]  /  [email protected]

Karoline Cerin - Personal Trainer, Natural Figure/Body Sculpting Competitor, Victoria, Australia
Karoline Cerin

My name is Karoline Cerin and I am 45 years of age. I have been involved with weight training from the age of 21 and competing in Natural Figure as well as Fitness Model for the last 15 years. I have a total of 9 Winning Titles, including 2 Asia Pacific Titles. I was also awarded best poser / routine 5 times. In 2008, I was awarded a “World Pro Card” status in Figure, in recognition of my achievements to date. I am a Master Personal Trainer and specialize in Competition Preparation. I also have qualifications in Weight Management, Contest Preparation, Nutrition, Outdoor Training, Boxing Fit, Life Coaching, and Children's Fitness and Nutrition.

Wanting is the Key to Achieving! – my motto.
Please contact me or view my website or Facebook for further information to see how I can help you achieve your goals and desires!

Business Name:     Body in Vogue
Personal Name:     Karoline Cerin
Town / Suburb:      East Keilor 3033 (Private Studio)
Phone Number:     0403 286 387
Email Address:     [email protected]

Louise Vu-Duy

I became a first time competitor exactly 6 months after consulting a personal trainer. I took my little marshmallow body along to the consultation indicating that I would one day like to compete, was locked in the room and ordered to pick a date. I then found myself on the world stage within 7 months from this date. Since then, I have been hooked, gained the qualifications to become a PT myself and have just started up my own business. Although I have not competed since my first year/season, I have been using my time to change careers, research and inspire others.

Business Name:            VooDooFitness
Personal Name:             Louise Vu-Duy      
Town/suburb:                 Melbourne                                                
Phone numbers:            0418 863 966 
Email address:              [email protected]

Christine Whimpey

Business Name:           2016
Personal Name:            Christine Whimpey
Town/suburb:                Moorabbin
Phone numbers:           03 9555 2016 | 0412 370 348
Email address:             [email protected]


Business Name:            Body In Shape
Personal Name:             Mandy Wilkinson
Town/suburb:                 Coomera, Gold Coast
Phone numbers:             0422 520 133 | 07 5556 0657
Email address:             
[email protected]


Personal Name              Loretta Watson

Town/Suburb                 Melbourne & Suburbs

Phone Number               0413 339 951

Email address               [email protected]


Personal Name:             Paul McKew
Town/suburb:                Isabella Plains (ACT)
Phone number:             0439 877 851
Email address:              [email protected]

  Business Name:          Physiqueology Fitness Studio 
Personal Name:           Donna Anderson 
Town/suburb:             Burleigh Heads – Gold Coast 
Phone number:            0403 324 112 | (07) 5535 3777
Email address:            [email protected]

Personal Name              Kevin Anderson

Town/Suburb                 Townsville

Phone Number               0409 893 353

Email address                [email protected]

Business Name:            KCN-Enterprises
Personal Name:             Kevin C Newman
Town/suburb:                 Missoula, Montana U.S.A
Phone numbers:            1-406-542-2313 | 1-406-218-9854
Email address:              [email protected]

Personal Name             Jason Stafford
Town/suburb                  Carungra (QLD)
Phone numbers             0438 221 273

Email Address               [email protected]

Personal Name              Debbie Jones
Town/Suburb                 Gilmore ACT)
Phone Numbers            
Email Address               [email protected]

Personal Name              Corne Lategan
Town/Suburb                 Carrara Qld
Phone Numbers            0412 152 319

Email Address              
[email protected]

Personal Name              Vicki Mann
Town/Suburb                 Newport
Phone Numbers            03 9391 9732 | 0422 379 299

Personal Name             Simon Madden
Town/Suburb                 Rye Vic
Phone Numbers

Personal Name              Allen Stubbington
Town/Suburb                 Auckland/New Zealand
Phone Number               09 8363994/021 500056

Email Address              
[email protected]

Business Name             MB Personal Training
Personal Name              Maria Barba
Town/Suburb                 Hampton/Melbourne
Phone Numbers            03 9521 6999 | 0414 291 581

Business Name             Scheryl’s Unique Bodies
Personal Name              Scheryl Gleschen
Town/Suburb                 Maffra/Victoria
Phone Numbers            0427 512 960

Business Name             Custom Fitness Bermuda
Personal Name              Virginia (Vee) McKey
Town/Suburb                 St.Georges
Phone Numbers             441-737-7378/441-297-4203

Email address              
[email protected]/[email protected]

Personal Name             Michelle Poe
Town/Suburb                 New York/Cicero
Email                            [email protected]

Business Name             THE GYM NORTH NOWRA 
Personal Name              Ivan Murray
Town/Suburb                 North Nowra
Ph Numbers                  02 4421 0587 / 0412 420 134

Personal Name              David Barry
Town/Suburb                 Milperra
Phone Numbers             (02) 9774 3105 / 0410 823 102

Email address              
[email protected]

Lucas has been a highly sought after Trainer since 1997. Being a student of martial arts since age 11 and a bodybuilding enthusiast since 15, he has studied acupuncture, herbal medicine, yoga, spinal therapy, eastern and western nutrition and of course bodybuilding. Lucas offers a holistic approach to looking and feeling great. 

Business Name             Brute Bear
Personal Name              Lucas McLaren
Town/Suburb                 Adelaide/Morphett Vale
Phone Numbers             (08) 8382 5554 / 0439801040

Personal Name              Debbie Bremer

Town/Suburb                 Gladstone

Phone Numbers             (07) 4979 2043 / 0407 024 920

Business Name             Tri-Life Personal Training

Personal Name              Bev Lindley

Town/Suburb                 Hermit Park/Townsville

Phone Numbers             0418 768 420

Email address               [email protected]

Personal Name              Kelly Adams

Town/Suburb                 Glenmore Park (NSW)

Phone Numbers             0412 495 128 / (02) 4733 6671

Email address               [email protected] 

Dan Lester

Big great new gym available! 

Business Name             Dans Direct Fitness Studio

Personal Name              Dan Lester

Town/Suburb               14 Dewer ave Ridgehaven 5097 (SA)

Phone Numbers             0400 089 228

Email address               [email protected]

Since having qualified as a Personal Trainer, my primary focus is on training clients with the view of showing them the correct way to exercise so that exercise become fun and enjoyable. I believe my strength lies in assisting clients to believe in themselves and to be able to inspire them to achieve their goals.


Business Name             Morley Recreation Centre

Personal Name              Greg Maserow

Town/Suburb                 Morley (WA)

Phone Numbers             0402 124 682 / (08) 9275 9160

Email address               [email protected]

Business Name             Phioenix Fitness
Personal Name              David Illingworth
Town/Suburb                 Kariong (NSW)
Phone Numbers             0421 315 720

Email address              
[email protected]

Kathy Saldana

Business Name             Curvemaker

Personal Name              Kathy Saldana

Town/Suburb                Temecula, CA. 92592, USA

Phone Number               702 622 6951

Email Address               [email protected]

Personal Name              Jo (Joanne) Morris

Town/Suburb                 Surrey Hills (VIC)

Phone Number               0419 511 257

Email Address               [email protected]

Have an upcoming contest? Need the knowledge of how to get into awesome contest shape that will make you an instant success? Give Anthony a call and transform your physique, forever!


Personal Name              Anthony Cesana

Town/Suburb                 Mill Park (VIC)

Phone Number               0424 821 852

Email Address               [email protected]

Business Name            Weng Lim (Remedial Therapist & Personal Trainer)

Personal Name             Weng Lim, MSc Dip. Remedial Therapy

Town/Suburb                Preston (VIC)

Phone Number              0413 991 207

Email Address               [email protected]

Business Name             Performants Personal Training

Personal Name              Anthony Goldsmith

Town/Suburb                 Southbank (VIC)

Phone Number               0417 508 001

Email Address               [email protected]

Business Name             Xtreme Supplements Australia

Personal Name              Greg Brown

Town/Suburb                 Katherine (NT)

Phone Number              0407 120 014

Email address               [email protected]

Personal Name              Jeff Hyde

Town/Suburb                 Picketts Valley (NSW)

Phone Number               (02) 4381 1308 / 0421 511 373

Business Name             Natural Development

Personal Name              James Trenow

Town/Suburb                 Bunbury (WA)

Phone Number               0403 161 592

Email Address               [email protected]

Personal Name              Pauline McCann

Town/Suburb                 Wellington (NZ)

Phone Number               04 385 0542 / 0211 413 216

Email Address               [email protected]

Personal Name              Steve McCann

Town/Suburb                 Wellington (NZ)

Phone Number               04 385 0542 / 0212 088 537

Email Address               [email protected]

Body make-over for all body types.

6 years boxing for fitness experience.

10 years resistance training experience.

Come lose the old you and meet the new you!


Business Name             See it Feel it: Body Training

Personal Name              Sharon Stevenson

Town/Suburb                 South Yarra (VIC)

Phone Number             0415 502 085

Email Address              [email protected]

Personal Name              Louise Esplan

Town/Suburb                 Pascoe Vale (VIC)

Phone Number             0408 306 244 / (03) 9306 2441

Email Address              [email protected]

I have been bodybuilding since I was 16 years old and looking to help those interested in becoming TRUE BODYBUILIDNG CHAMPIONS. I hope to meet, train, and help out many athletes looking to maximize their Muscle Potential.


Business Name:            Muscle Potential Fitness Services

Personal Name:             Aaron Powell

Town/suburb:                Miami, FL, USA

Phone numbers:            (305) 978-8104

Email address:              apo[email protected]

I am ISSA and NASM Certified. I also do a variety of alternative therapy methods.


Personal Name              Suzanne DeHaven

Town/Suburb                 Redondo Beach (CA), USA

Phone Number             (310) 292 4417

Email Address              [email protected]

No matter if your goal is to compete or lose weight and get fit for life, the practices you put in place are the same. As a qualified Personal Trainer, a Master Physique Trainer and title holding Figure competitor with the INBA, I can help you achieve those awesome heights of success.

Business Name             The Leannshed Personal Health & Fitness            Consulting

Personal Name              Sara Williams

Town/Suburb                 Belgrave (VIC)

Phone Number              0414 972 234

Email Address              the [email protected]

At Secrets to Fitness, it is our determined purpose to help you achieve your goals by providing all the “secrets” other programs don’t want you to know. We believe our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and we should keep it in great condition. You are worth it and your body will thank you! Secrets to Fitness wants to help you so you can become all you were meant to be!

Business Name             Secrets to Fitness

Personal Name              Kendal Frayer

Town/Suburb                 Edmond, Oklahoma

Phone Number              (405) 974 8559 or (405) 974 8558

Email Address              [email protected]

Monika Greich

20 years fitness experience in (1) Long Distance Running, (2) Martial Arts, (3) Strength Training, (4) Bodybuilding Competition and (5) Personal Training.

Personal Name              Monika Greich

Town/Suburb                 South Yarra (VIC)

Phone Number              0417 550 061 or (03) 9820 8537

Email Address              [email protected]

Personal Name              Kim Hamilton

Town/Suburb                 Dubbo

Phone Number              0427 465 543

Email Address              [email protected]

NABBA Physique and Figure competitor. All aspects of female bodybuilding catered to. Personal Training and pole dancing for fitness.


Business Name             Platinum Personal Training

Personal Name              Lemlei Le Velle

Town/Suburb                 South Melbourne (VIC)

Phone Number              (03) 9690 8068 or 0423 255 688

Email Address              [email protected]

Website Address 

Personal Name              Esther Alexander

Town/Suburb                 Brisbane

Phone Number              0433 292 880

Email Address              [email protected]

Business Name             G.S.N. Results Fitness

Personal Name              Gabe Nuspan

Town/Suburb                 Melton (VIC)

Phone Number              (03) 9747 6872 or 0413 595 957

Email Address              [email protected]

Caryn Jones
My partner Anthony Cerantonia and I, own the Surfcoast Resort Motel situated on the spectacular Great Ocean Road in Anglesea (Victoria, Australia). Our resort not only offers personal training sessions, but we also specialise in 3 and 5 day health retreats, where you will not only benefit from a high standard of personal training, but also boxing classes, yoga and spa treatments in our state of the art day-spa centre. I am a qualified Yoga teacher, Personal Trainer, Thump Boxing instructor, Swissball instructor, Masseur and most recently Master Physique Trainer and am passionate about helping people reach their full potential.

Personal Name:             Caryn Jones
Town/suburb:               Anglesea (VIC)
Phone number:            03 5263 3363
Email address:             [email protected]

Business Name:              Club Rockys
Personal Name:               Paul (rocky) Rauchwald
Town/suburb:                 Geraldton, West Australia
Phone numbers:             08 99643570 | 08 99233537
Email address:                [email protected]

Business Name:            Stay Fit For Life

Personal Name:             Colleen Leung

Town/suburb:                Epping NSW

Phone numbers:            0400 811 977

Email address:              [email protected]

Website Address:         

Personal Name:             Wendy Stanway

Town/suburb:                Morwell, VIC

Phone numbers:            0421 721 035 | 0423 637 603

Email address:              [email protected]  


I focus on total body fitness: strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and nutrition. Through regular goal setting for you health and fitness and incorporating all aspects of total body fitness into your weekly routine you can feel and be the best that you can possibly be. Let me help motivate you and achieve those goals NOW. 

Business Name:            CatalystpT

Personal Name:             Odette Lydford

Town/suburb:                Kawana Island , Sunshine Coast

Phone numbers:            0448973199

Email address:              [email protected]  

Lai Tattis-Brindell Cert lll & lV Fitness, 2007 QLD WFF Overall Figure Champion.  

Business Name:            Short Circuit Fitness

Personal Name:             Lai Tattis-Brindell

Town/suburb:                Springfield

Phone numbers:            07 3470 0844 | 0439 790 762

Email address:              [email protected]



Dianna Broeren

Fabulous Figures provides a range of competition preparation services including nutritional planning, posing instruction, routine choreography, spray tanning and most importantly a genuine interest in supporting clients.   As an experienced and successful figure competitor, Dianna is able to relate to the ups and downs that occur during the comp prep journey.  She prides herself on providing a genuine, supportive mentoring approach adapted to suit every individual.  In a sport that can be extremely competitive, Dianna empowers her clients to focus on achieving “their own best”.  Fabulous Figures is all about having fun and becoming the best you can be! 


Business Name:            Fabulous Figures

Personal Name:             Dianna Broeren

Town/suburb:                Sunshine Coast (QLD)

Phone numbers:            0411515420

Email address:              [email protected]

Business Name:       Bodyseek Personal Training

Personal Name:        Tim Diegan

Town/suburb:          Williamstown

Phone numbers:       0402 354 041

Email address:         [email protected]


Professional Personal Training by friendly and dedicated Trainer. Training for all goals; weight loss, fitness, sports conditioning, self defence, muscle/bodybuilding, old age fitness. Supafit Personal Training “Shaping your future”.


Business Name:            Supafit Personal Training

Personal Name:             Cameron Wilson

Town/suburb:                Northmead (NSW)

Phone numbers:            02 9885 0708 | 0401 529 601

Email address:              [email protected]

Being a Trainer most of my career, involved in Military, Fire & Emergency services training, I found Bodybuilding is a sport/activity that is suitable for anybody and all ages. I only regret not having started this at a much earlier age, although age is no barrier. Anyone can do it!


Personal Name:             Robert Blake

Town/suburb:                Kloof, South Africa

Phone numbers:            +27 (0) 83 289 1606

Email address:              [email protected]

Business Name:            Tropical Breeze PTs

Personal Name:             Yvonne Tawhai

Town/suburb:                Townsville (QLD)

Phone numbers:            07 4724 4846 | 0410 461 918

Email address:              [email protected]

Eric Neal - Personal Trainer - Bodybuilder - Morgantown, West Virginia, USA
Eric Neal  

In addition to this certification, I am also a certified personal trainer, certified strength conditioning specialist, pilates system I instructor and have a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Nutrition & Food & Exercise Physiology.


Business Name:            Total Package Fitness LLC

Personal Name:             Eric Neal

Town/suburb:                Morgantown, West Virginia, USA

Phone number:            (304) 216-8717

Email address:              [email protected]

Ingrid Barclay

Body Conquest is an elite personal training service based in Geelong, aimed at the competitive athlete. I am a highly qualified and experienced trainer as I have been personal training for over 15 years. I am an international judge, author of “Go Figure” and have over 150 articles published in a variety of fitness magazines such as Ironman, Musclemag, Women’s Health & Fitness and Fighting Fat. If you are serious about getting up on stage then please contract Ingrid at Body Conqest.


Business Name:            Body Conquest

Personal Name:             Ingrid Barclay

Town/suburb:                Corio (VIC)

Phone numbers:            0424 180 093 | 03 5275 6212

Email address:              [email protected]

Business Name:            Can-Do-Fitness

Personal Name:             Steve Praljak

Town/suburb:                Kensington (VIC)

Phone numbers:            0417 011 992 | 03 9376 0069

Email address:              [email protected]

Ineka Little

Personal Name:             Ineka Little

Town/suburb:                Geelong (VIC)

Phone numbers:            0409 481 177

Email address:              [email protected]

Sheta Hall  

As a personal trainer and competitor, providing you with the training to help you look your greatest is imperative. Whether you want to shed a few kilos, or compete in a show, I can help you! My own personal success is my testimony. I have competed in over 10 shows, and have ranked very highly over the past 2 years within New Zealand. I definitely walk my talk, and look forward to many more years of competing!

Business Name:            EVOLVE

Personal Name:             Sheta Hall

Town/suburb:                Hamilton, New Zealand

Phone numbers:            0274 515 979 | (07) 848 2390

Email address:              [email protected]
Website Address:

Darcy Dvornek

Business Name:   World health club 
Personal Name:    Darcy Dvornek
Town/suburb:      Calgary, Alberta Canada
Phone numbers:  403-277-2927 | 403-669-3309
Email address:      [email protected]

Christine Zadel 2007 Ms Australia
Christine Zadel
2007 Ms Australia
I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor and have been an INBA Competitor since 2002. My most successful comp experience to date, is winning the Ms Australia Title in the Women’s Overall Physique at the 2007 INBA Australian Titles. I have been weight training for approximately 20 years and have had a lifelong passion for health and fitness and hope I inspire others to do the same. 


Business Name:            Smartgirls Do Dumbbells Personal Training

Personal Name:             Christine Zadel

Town/suburb:                Wagga Wagga

Email address:              [email protected]

Personal Name:                    Kate-Victoria Ingram

Town/suburb:                   Colac, Victoria

Phone numbers:              03 5231 6642

Email address:                   [email protected]

Personal Name:                 Matthew Marth

Phone number:                  0428 369 590

Email address:                   [email protected]

Karren Hyden Personal Trainer
Karren Hyden

I am a Vicfit accredited Personal Trainer and have been working for DJ's GYM for 3 years. I can't get enough of fitness research and study to further increase my knowledge in health and fitness. I am currently studying an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine to gain further knowledge in this field. I enjoy seeing the great results that our clients receive from changing their lifestyles through the healthy education we provide in nutrition and fitness. 

Business Name: DJ's GYM 
Personal Name: Karren Hyden (Kaz) 
Town/suburb: Wangaratta, Vic 
Phone numbers: (03) 57622 3386 | 0421 323 905 
Email address: [email protected] 

Jo Altman Personal Trainer
Jo Altman

I discovered the world of bodybuilding after a 25 year career as one of Australia’s leading female DJ’s aka DJ JoSH. I began weight training in 2005 at City Gym S.A. which turned into a full time Admin coordinators position. This then lead to my first bodybuilding comp at the 2008 INBA in Adelaide, completing my certificate 3 in personal training and the IAPC bodybuilding course. If you live in the Adelaide area and are keen to get involved in the bodybuilding arena please call 0419 849 313.

Business Name:            City Gym SA

Personal Name:             Jo Altman

Town/suburb:                Adelaide (SA)

Phone numbers:            (08) 8212 4866 | 0419 849 313

Email address:              [email protected]

Stacey Savage - Personal Trainer - Australian Women's Health & Fitness Magazine Body Transformation of the month Winner
Stacey Savage

Wow is all I can say, this course is the bomb and takes the guess work out of it. The knowledge that I have gained I have put into practice and have just won the Australian Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine Body Transformation of the month. I can only get better – thanks to this course. I will be putting my knowledge into practice to transform other people’s lives.


Business Name:            Weight N Sea

Personal Name:             Stacey Savage

Town/suburb:                Beenleigh (QLD)

Phone numbers:            0409 788 510

Email address:              [email protected]

 Liam Carrick-Ryan - Personal Trainer - Mooroolbark, Victoria, Australia
  Liam Carrick-Ryan  

Ready to Transform your life today? Take the step right now to Transform your life…Lose weight, Gain weight, Tone Up, Body build, get fit, increase your fitness Or double your energy to do the things you have always wantedWe’ll work on your specific goals or help you achieve it all…! One Personal Training session a week may be all you need to achieve your goals. If you have trouble with motivation, a Transform Fitness Personal Trainer will get you there... That’s what we do! Your Personal Trainer will make sure you do those little bits you’d never do on your own, encourage and help you, time you and monitor you, answer all your questions, help you any time you call. So for a no obligation free consultation visit or call 0433 658 466. Take the step and Transform your life today!


Business Name:            Transform Fitness

Personal Name:             Liam Carrick-Ryan

Town/suburb:                Mooroolbark (VIC)

Phone numbers:            0433 658 466

Email address:              [email protected]

Website Address:

Jesse McConaghy - Bodybuilder - Personal Trainer - Canberra - Australia
Jesse McConaghy

Succeed Physique is your one-stop-shop for those wanting to make dramatic changes to your physique and appearance! Providing training programs, diets and bodybuilding contest preparation services, Succeed Physique will help you to – “Raise the Bar!”



Business Name:            Succeed Physique

Personal Name:             Jesse McConaghy

Town/suburb:                Canberra, ACT  Australia

Phone numbers:            0402 997 608

Email address:              [email protected]

Website Address:  

TAPT logo
Tom Aitken Personal Trainer - Cleveland, Queensland, Australia
Tom Aitken 

TAPT is a proven and effective personal training solution that provides men and women a fitness program and nutrition system. Get in shape, build muscle, burn fat with your very own personal trainer.



Business Name:            Tom Aitken Personal Training (TAPT)

Personal Name:             Tom Aitken

Town/suburb:                Cleveland (QLD) Australia

Phone numbers:            (07) 3286 2246 | 0405 018 919

Email address:              [email protected]

Business Name:           Dream Physique Pty Ltd 
Personal Name:            Anthony Drexel 
Town/suburb:              Mount Coolum 
Phone numbers:           (07) 5446 1222 | 04000 762 88 
Email address:              [email protected] 

James Basson - Personal Trainer - Margate, South Africa
James Basson

Passionate about drug free training and to help the community to educate them in a doping free environment.


Business Name:            Level Up Personal Training

Personal Name:             James Basson

Town/suburb:                Margate, South Africa

Phone number  :            082 FITNESS (3486377)

Facebook:                      James Iamfitness Basson

Email address:              [email protected]

Benjamin Siong personal trainer
Benjamin Siong

Benjamin Siong is one of Melbourne’s premier personal trainers, and the Head strength coach and Founder of Australian Strength Performance – a company focused on empowering athletes to overcome the impossibilities set by their mind, body and sport. With over 12 years experience in athletic development, sports psychology, and physique conditioning, Ben has worked with the likes of champion national and state athletes, bodybuilders and fitness models. However it is his expertise in creating remarkable physiques in record time that has earned him the signature title of Body Composition Specialist. Ben is also a fitness speaker and published author. He is currently based within Fitness First in the Melbourne CBD, and can be contacted on 0404 108 440.

Trainer Name:          BENJAMIN SIONG, Bsc, BAppSc (Psych Hon.)
Town/suburb:          Melbourne CBD (VIC), Australia
Phone number:        +61 404 108 440 
Email address:         [email protected]
Website address:

Certificate III and IV in fitness
Bachelor of Science (psychology Major)
Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology Honours)
I. A. P. C certified bodybuilding contest preparation coach
Poliquin International Certification Program (PICP level 1 and 2)
Poliquin Instant Muscle Strengthening Techniques (PIMST)
Poliquin Biosigniture Modulation practitioner
C. H. E. K Exercise coach (Scientific core; Scientific back and Program design)
C. H. E. K Holistic Lifestyle coach (HLC level 1)

Grace Crossland - Personal Trainer - Queensland, Australia
 Grace Crossland



Business Name:            GR8 Shape

Personal Name:             Grace Crossland

Town/suburb:                Wide Bay, QLD

Phone numbers:            0418 208 866

Email address:              [email protected]


I’ve been a personal trainer for 4 years and am registered with Fitness Australia. I train clients at Muscle & Fitness in Hyde Park, Townsville and I run circuit/bootcamp classes throughout the year at various locations.

Personal Name:   Nancy Callaghan
Town/suburb:   Townsville/Mount Lousia, QLD, Australia
Phone number:   0422 468 592
Email address:   [email protected]

I decided to give bodybuilding a go in 2009. In one year I placed 3rd Novice QLD, 2nd Intermediate QLD, 3rd Open Men and competed internationally in the Natural Olympia. Bodybuilding is striving to be the best you can mentally and physically. Let me help you through that journey.


Personal Name:             Andre Brun

Town/suburb:                Fortitude Valley, QLD

Phone numbers:            0422 651 337

Email address:              [email protected] 

Natalie Rouse, Herefordshire (England) UK, Personal Trainer, Bodybuilding Competitor
Natalie Rouse

Hi, I’m Natalie a fitness instructor in Herefordshire, England working within the fitness industry for a decade, with my specialist interest being weight training and nutrition. I have competed in ‘Bodyfitness’ competitions across the U.K, and plan to compete internationally within the next 2 years.

Personal Name:   Natalie Rouse
Town/suburb:     Herefordshire, England. UK
Phone numbers:  (+44) 07501060136
Email address:     [email protected]

Business Name: 
Personal Name:        Leah McKinnies 
Town/suburb:          Boise, ID USA 
Phone number:        1-208-695-8769 
Email address:         [email protected] 

Brenda Milne - Shepparton, Victoria, Australia - Personal Trainer
Brenda Milne

Business Name: Brenda Milne Personal Training

Personal Name: Brenda Milne

Town/suburb: Shepparton (VIC)

Phone numbers: 03 5831 8504 | 0438 682 143

Email address: [email protected]

Business Name:            Nazaroff Online Fitness & Nutrition

Personal Name:             Michelle Nazaroff

Town/suburb:                Baldivis, WA

Phone numbers:            0423 749 810

Email address:              [email protected]

Business Name:            Mick & Collen’s Fitness Centre

Personal Name:             Michael Cutts

Town/suburb:                Armidale, NSW

Phone numbers:            02 6771 2777 | 0408 699 917

Email address:              [email protected]

My experience of competing in a figure competition was one of my main driving factors for becoming a Personal Trainer. It made me realise I can do anything and I wanted to help people change their lives and experience the same satisfaction I did after my competition by helping them achieve their ultimate goals. I strive to educate clients and eliminate fear people may have of weight training. The majority of my experience is weight loss, however my passion is bodybuilding. I look forward to training more clients towards a figure/bodybuilding competition!

Personal Name:             Kelly Walker

Town/suburb:                Morningside (QLD)

Phone numbers:            0405 186 523

Email address:              [email protected]

Website Address:

Business Name:    Dale Leonard Personal Training
Personal Name:     Dale Leonard
Town/suburb:       Mildura
Phone numbers:   0408 192 484 | 03 5021 0715
Email address:      [email protected] 
Business Name:    Mick & Colleen's Fitness Centre
Personal Name:     Colleen Cutts
Town/suburb:        Armidale
Phone numbers:    0419499319 | 02 67712777
Email address:       [email protected] 
Personal Trainer (Fitness First Springwood) and Relaxation Massage Therapist

Business Name:    Paul Watts Fitness and Massage
Personal Name:     Paul Watts
Town/suburb:       Algester (QLD)
Phone number:      0407 149 363
Email address:       [email protected]

Business Name:   JMT Productions 
Personal Name:    Justin Taylor 
Town/Suburb:      Bankstown 
Phone Number:     0414 099 514
Email Address:     [email protected]
  Personal Name:   LEONG WAI YONG
Town/suburb:       SINGAPORE
Phone numbers:   90691628

Email address:     [email protected]
  Business Name:    Springfield Health & Fitness Centre
Personal Name:    Pat Frock
Town/suburb:        Springfield, Ohio, USA
Phone numbers:   937 – 325 9770 | 937 – 206 3864
Email address:      [email protected]
Website Address:
Rick Scia Scia Personal Trainer and Bodybuilder
Rick Scia Scia
My outdoor fitness training is based around strongman and GPP training. I have used this for years and it has brought me great success.

Business Name:    Rickfit
Personal Name:    Rick Scia Scia
Town/suburb:        Parkinson
Phone number:    0406 008 640
Email address:    [email protected]
Adrian Saputra Personal Trainer and Bodybuilder
Adrian Saputra

Business Name:    E-Trade Saputra
Personal Name:    Adrian Saputra
Town/suburb:        Canberra, ACT
Phone numbers:    0422 599 126
Email address:    [email protected]

  I am a qualified fitness instructor and work mainly with people whose main objective is to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle. I work with all ages but have particular knowledge in older people.

Business Name:    Reconstruction
Personal Name:    Jill Clark
Town/suburb:        Wanganui, New Zealand
Phone numbers:    027 2461969 | (06) 3448434
Email address:    [email protected]
Giovanni Preziuso - Personal Trainer - New York
Giovanni Preziuso
Business Name:     Fierce Fitness
Personal Name:     Giovanni Preziuso
Town/suburb:         Buffalo N.Y.
Phone number:     716-715-8682
Email address:      [email protected]
Personal Name:    Sharon Deveney
Town/suburb:        Alexandra Hills, QLD
Phone numbers:    0421 590 624
Email address:       [email protected]
Herman Alonza King - Personal Trainer - Philip, Barbados
Herman A. King

I was involved in fitness, bodybuilding, martial arts for many years. Bodybuilding is my passion. I have been to about 12 Mr & Ms Olympia contests and am wanting to prepare a Mr Olympia from Barbados.

Personal Name:    Herman Alonza King
Town/suburb:        Philip, Barbados
Phone numbers:    1246-262-7389 |} 1246-416-4261
Email address:      [email protected]
Business Name:    CJ Figureworks
Personal Name:    Claire Johnson
Town/suburb:        Lane Cove, NSW
Phone number:    0404 985 283
Email address:      [email protected]
Michael Gregoriou - Bodybuilder - Personal Trainer - Derrimut, Victoria, Australia
Michael Gregoriou

Personal Name:    Michael Greoriou
Town/suburb:        Derrimut, Victoria, Australia
Phone number:    (03) 8348 5288
Email address:       [email protected]

Chris Penfold - Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer - Sutherland Shire, NSW, Australia
Christopher Penfold
I think it is very important to practice what you preach. Health and fitness is not only my specialty, it’s my passion. I live and breathe it everyday and I know first hand the best ways to increase/develop muscle, enhance metabolism/metabolic rate and achieve desired percentage of body fat. No goal is impossible. Live and feel the way you deserve to. Believe. Adapt. Achieve! Excel beyond expectations!

Business Name:    Natural Physique Sciences Coaching
Personal Name:    Christopher Penfold
Town/suburb:       Sutherland shire, NSW, Australia
Email address:      [email protected]
Danielle Georganakis - Personal Trainer, Highett/East Malver, Victoria, Australia
Danielle Georganakis
Body Come Back! We all had it once, now lets get it back! That is my motto and that's why people come to me. I get you back to the person you were most fond of when growing up, that version of you looking your best. I use that powerful motivation and visualisation to get you in the gym, having fun whilst learning how to eat again and understand what food really is! Is it your friend or foe? How can we turn it around? So lets build muscle, eat well and have a blast whilst doing it! Coz.......”We all had it once, NOW LETS GET IT BACK!’

Business Name:    Body Come Back!
Personal Name:    Danielle Georganakis
Town/suburb:        Highett/East Malvern, Vic, Australia
Phone numbers:   0438 012 772 | 9571 9271
Email address:       [email protected]
Personal Name:    Myra de Villers Kruger
Town/suburb:        Toronto, Canada
Email address:    [email protected]
Personal Name:    Ayman Elcheikhali
Town/suburb:        Saddlebrook (NJ) USA
Phone numbers:    (201) 312 5282
Email address:    [email protected]
I Choose Awesome is a way of life. Its about leading a life that’s full of opportunity, health and a richness that can only come through having control over ones thoughts and actions. It's a belief that in any situation we as human beings have the ability to choose awesome. Bodybuilding is as mentally challenging as it is physically and having the right mindset can take you from being an average competitor to being an awesome competitor and a better person in the process.

Business Name:    I Choose Awesome
Personal Name:    Nikki Croft
Town/suburb:        Inverloch, Victoria, Australia
Phone numbers:    0429 611 139
Email address:      [email protected]
Website address:
Business Name:    Deano’s Health and Fitness
Personal Name:    Dean McGrath
Town/suburb:        Armidale
Phone numbers:    0412 487 325
Email address:    [email protected]
Daniel Tramontana Personal Trainer - Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia
Daniel Tramontana
Business Name:    Coach Personal Training Aust
Personal Name:    Daniel Tramontana
Town/Suburb:        Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia
Phone Number:   0425 744 188
Email Address:     [email protected]

‘Am i a Personal Trainer?! No, i am an Artist. I create living works of art.’
– Grim 2011

Business Name:    Reaper Training
Personal Name:    Victor Perez
Town/suburb:        Avondale Heights/Victorian Western Suburbs
Phone number:    0405433353
Email address:       [email protected]
With a little bit of hard work, dedication and inspiration for motivation we can get you to where you need to be. Why settle for less, go for Gold, we’re the best!!

Business Name:    Go for Gold Fitness
Personal Name:    Nicholas Huss
Town/suburb:        Sayreville, New Jersey
Phone number:    (718) 559 9308
Email address:    [email protected]
Online Personal Training is one of the hottest trends in the fitness industry today. It is a great alternative to seeing a personal trainer at the gym but with all the benefits. The best part.. you can workout on your time, not on the personal trainers time! No worries about penalties for missed appointments, trainers not showing up or other clients cutting into your training time.

Business Name:    X-perience training   
Personal Name:    Mate Radocaj
Town/suburb:        Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada       
Email address:    [email protected]

Personal Name:    Leon Stensholm
Town/suburb:        Mountain Creek, (QLD), Australia
Phone number:    0437 577 847
Email address:    [email protected]
Lea Scales - personal trainer - figure competitor
Lea Scales
Business Name:    Fabulous Physiques
Personal Name:    Lea Scales
Town/suburb:        Redcliffe, (QLD), Australia
Phone number:    0431 708 740
Email address:    [email protected]
Business Name:    Federation Health
Personal Name:    Dean Jones
Town/Suburb:    Brisbane/Gold Coast,
(QLD), Australia
Phone Number:    0417 279 377
Email Address:    [email protected]
I am a Sports Nutritionist and founder of ‘Unique Nutrition’. I have developed a weight loss manual that makes nutrition easy and they will get results. Unique Nutrition is the smarter way to eat!

Business Name:    Unique Nutrition
Personal Name:    Lauren Badman
Town/suburb:        Richmond, VIC, Australia
Phone numbers:    0432 254 691 (2) 03 9427 1622
Email address:    [email protected]

Personal Name:    Leanne Ross
Town/suburb:        Caulfield Nth/Richmond, VIC, Australia
Phone numbers:    0412 746 376
Email address:    [email protected]
I found the material in the course interesting and very useful. I am a Trainer and also a bodybuilding competitor who will use this information gained on a daily basis and will always have the notes as a useful guide for future endeavours. Thank you.

Personal Name:    James Leslie
Town/suburb:        Cowra (NSW)
Phone numbers:    0407 965 239
Email address:    [email protected]
Qualified certificate 4 Personal Trainer. Bodybuilder/Figure competitor. Triathlon coach and competitor. Competitive swimming coach. Advanced first aid. Group fitness instructor. Learn to swim instructor. Passionate about anything fitness and nutrition.

Business Name:    Appletree Personal Training Studio
Personal Name:    Vickie Farrow
Town/suburb:        Wingham (NSW) Australia
Phone numbers:    0428 750 095 (2) 0447 681 112
Email address:    [email protected]
Business Name:    Shaheena Jalal
Personal Name:    Imraana Jalal
Town/suburb:        Forest Lake
Phone numbers:    0421 569 530
Email address:    [email protected]
Personal Name:    Mayank Badamia
Town/suburb:        Abbotsford
Phone numbers:    0433 617 575
Email address:    [email protected]
Personal Name:    Michelle Hoskins
Town/suburb:        Castle Hill
Phone number:    0498 016 131
Email address:    [email protected]
Business Name:    Currently situated at Snap Fitness                   
Personal Name:    Krista Radford                               
Town/suburb:        Bayswater, Perth, Western Australia               
Phone number:    0412 614 547                           
Email address:      [email protected]                       
Free consultation with me if you quote IAPC qualified trainer.

Personal Name:    Trent Bulmer
Town/suburb:        Toorak, Victoria, Australia
Phone number:    0409 248 099
Email address:       [email protected]
Sydney Physique Masters Champion 2012. Personal Trainer. Kick boxing and Zumba instructor.

Business Name:    Exclusive Training Systems
Personal Name:    Karren Dickson
Town/suburb:        Boorowa, NSW, Australia
Phone number:    0402 390 443
Email address:       [email protected]
Gary Hinton Personal Trainer - Western Australia
Gary Hinton
With Grand Designs Fitness you get a Trainer who goes the extra mile for his clients. Not only do you get fit, you get the knowledge to stay fit!

Business Name:    Grand Designs Fitness
Personal Name:    Gary Hinton
Town/suburb:        Currambine, WA, Australia
Phone numbers:    08 9304 1885 | 0439 209 562
Email address:    [email protected]
Business Name:    Spiritual Warrior Personal Training
Personal Name:    Frank Raciti
Town/suburb:        Burnside Heights
Phone numbers:    0432 762 689
Email address:    
[email protected] 
Cindy Weston - Personal Trainer - NSW, Australia
Cindy Weston
Business Name:    Motiv-8 Personal Training
Personal Name:    Cindy Weston
Town/suburb:        Miranda , NSW, Australia
Phone numbers:    02 9501 2486 | 0416 166 273
Email address:       [email protected]
Personal Name:    David Wellings
Town/suburb:        Port Pirie, SA, Australia
Phone number:    0412 529 205
Email address:    [email protected]
Personal Name:        Katrin Hapala                           
Town/suburb:            Cronulla, NSW, Australia                           
Phone number:        0405 301 880           
Email address:        [email protected] 
Robyn Lawry Personal Trainer QLD Australia
Robyn Lawry

Business Name:    Prescription for Fitness
Personal Name:    Robyn Lawry
Town/suburb:        Middlemount, QLD, Australia
Phone number:    0437 922 283
Email address:    [email protected]

Business Name:    Inner Edge Wellness
Personal Name:    Kerrie Lawrence
Town/suburb:        Shellharbour, NSW, Australia
Phone number:    0408 690 108
Email address:    [email protected]
Website Address:
Business Name:    “Get Fit To Live”
Personal Name:    Henry Mears
Town/suburb:        Fresno, California USA
Phone numbers:   (559) 438-4513 | (559) 348-75565
Email address:    [email protected]
Business Name:    Prescription for Fitness
Personal Name:    Jacob Schepis
Town/suburb:        Essendon, Victoria, Australia
Phone number:    0439 639 034
Email address:    [email protected]
Maree Walch - Personal Trainer - Brisbane
Maree Walch
Body Transformation Specialist

Business Name:    Olympia Body Transformation Sanctuary
Personal Name:    Maree Walch
Town/suburb:        Brisbane CBD
Phone number:    0450 723 731
Email address:       [email protected]
Personal Name:    Judy Kennedy
Town/suburb:        Leopold (VIC)
Email address:    [email protected]
Personal Name:    Meredith Kidson
Town/suburb:        Longford (VIC)
Phone number:    0437 315 725
Email address:    [email protected]
Business Name:    Lat’s Specialised Fitness & Rehabilitation
Personal Name:    Latara Ogle
Town/suburb:        Mandurah (WA)
Phone number:    0478 094 654
Email address:    [email protected]
Business Name:    Optimum Physiques
Personal Name:    Jessica Sharp
Town/suburb:        Perth (WA)
Email address:       [email protected]
Personal Name:    Carissa Peters
Town/suburb:        Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Phone numbers:    306 - 227 1513
Email address:      [email protected]
Business Name:   Elite Fitness and Personal Trainers
Personal Name:   Erick Persson
Town/suburb:       Scarborough
Phone numbers:   0410 267 394
Email address:     [email protected]
Website Address:
Business Name:    DR FLABB (Dale Rogers Fat Loss & Bodybuilding)
Personal Name:    Dale Rogers
Town/suburb:        Narre Warren (Vic)
Phone numbers:   0423 259 179 | 9796 9894
Email address:      [email protected]
Business Name:    Motiv8 Health & Fitness Centre
Personal Name:    Belinda Anderson
Town/suburb:        DENILLIQUIN  (Vic)
Phone numbers:   0401 256 233 | 03 5881 6770
Email address:       [email protected]
Personal Name:    Joy Flint
Town/suburb:        Salamander Bay
Phone number:    0432 976 186
Email address:      [email protected]
Personal Name:  Kristal Stirling
Town/Suburb:     Fortitude Valley (QLD)
Phone number:   0403 522 481
Email address:    [email protected]
Business Name:    Deliseo PT
Personal Name:    Denise Deliseo
Town/Suburb:        Townsville
Phone numbers:    0437 635 613
Email address:        [email protected]
Business Name:    Optimum Physiques
Personal Name:    Sean Mclaney
Town/suburb:        Ellenbrook (WA)
Phone numbers:   0468 790 894 | 0479 199 166
Email address:       [email protected]
Business Name:    Alpha to Omega Fitness
Personal Name:    Stephanie Fredrickson                       
Town/suburb:        Round Rock, TX USA
Phone numbers:   512-789-9132
Email address:    [email protected]

Business Name:    My Total Fitness Academy
Personal Name:    Don Kim
Town/suburb:        Vancouver, BC, Canada
Email address:      [email protected]
Business Name:        Iron Body Composition Training
Personal Name:        Marcus Wilkinson
Town/suburb:            Melbourne
Phone number:         0421 752 555
Email address:          [email protected]
Personal Name:    Tamara Cross
Town/suburb:        NorthLakes (QLD)
Phone number:    0411 633 333
Email address:    [email protected]
Sean Tan - Personal Trainer, Bodybuilder,  Bibra Lake (SOR), WA
Sean Tan
Business Name:    JT - Fitness Consultant
Personal Name:    Sean Tan
Town/suburb:        Success (SOR), WA / Online
Phone number:    (+61) 4 6626 9559
Email address:      [email protected]
Business Name:        Health In Motion Fitness
Personal Name:        Heather Morgan
Town/suburb:            Bibra Lake (SOR), WA
Phone number:        0417 594 382
Email address:          [email protected]
Personal Name:        Rasha Bin-Eidan
Town/suburb:        Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Phone numbers:   0096614657748 | 00966569448822
Email address:        [email protected]
Business Name:        G-Force Transformations
Personal Name:        Vincent Grant
Town/suburb:        Houston, TX, USA
Phone numbers:    281-450 42360966146577
Email address:        [email protected]
Business Name:    Ben Prescott
Town/suburb:        Terrigal                                   
Phone number:    0410740402
Email address:    [email protected]
Business Name:       Christopher Aesthetic Consultation
Personal Name:        Christopher Cheong
Town/suburb:            Frankston
Phone number:       0408 137 073
Email address:         [email protected]
Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement – Exercise Physiology)
INBA Mr Queensland Overall Winner 2012
INBA Men’s Class 1 Mr Australia 2012

Personal Name:               Peter Hartwig
Town/suburb:                   Jindalee, QLD
Phone number:               0400 725 486
Email address:                 [email protected]
Tova Gallagher personal trainer
Tova Gallagher
Business Name:   Hawkesbury Fitness
Personal Name:   Tova Gallagher
Town/suburb:       Hawkesbury NSW
Phone number:    0409073341
Email address:     [email protected]
Website Address:
Business Name:            Asati Lifestyle
Personal Name:            Krista White
Town/suburb:                Port Lincoln (SA)
Phone number:            0404 988 005
Email address:              [email protected]
Business Name:   Physical High Intense Training
Personal Name:    Brandon Gachne
Town/ Suburb:        Loveland, CO, USA
Phone Number:    1 (970) 231-2906
Email Address:     [email protected]
Personal Name:   Adam Robertson
Town/suburb:       Canberra
Phone number:   0438 431 551
Email address:   [email protected]
Business Name:       Tara M Training
Personal Name:       Tara Murray
Town/suburb:            Brisbane (QLD)
Phone number:        0425 123 635
Email address:          [email protected]
Website Address:
Business Name:        Ronin Fitness D.F.W.
Personal Name:        Lex Ronin
Town/suburb:            Richardson, Texas (USA)
Phone numbers:        214 702 81831 (2) 817 435 3325
Email address:           [email protected]
Business Name:         Food Mind Fitness
Personal Name:         Amy Gerstl
Town/suburb:             Dover Heights (NSW)
Phone number:         0416 017 371
Email address:           [email protected]
Business Name:            Eddie Gallier – Personal Trainer
Personal Name:            Neil Edward Gallier Jr.
Town/suburb:                Castle Hill (NSW)
Phone numbers:            0419 629 771 or (02) 9659 2967
Email address:              [email protected]
Business Name:            Why Not Be Fit
Personal Name:            Mary Berecry
Town/suburb:                Strathalyn (SA)
Phone numbers:            0400 416 093 or (08) 8336 8109
Email address:              [email protected]
Melanie Shortt - Personal Trainer - Moonee Ponds, Victoria
Melanie Shortt
Business Name:       Body Transformations
Personal Name:        Melanie Shortt
Town/suburb:           Moonee Ponds, Victoria
Phone number:       0432 585 670
Email address:         [email protected]

Zeffie Halacas - Personal Trainer
Zeffie Halacas
Business Name:       Zeffie Your Personal Trainer
Personal Name:        Zeffie Halacas
Town/suburb:           Blacktown/Surrounding Suburbs & Sydney CBD. (NSW)
Phone number:      0450 488 955                                              
Email address:         [email protected]
Business Name:        Mike’s Outdoor Personal Training
Personal Name:        Michael Mischefski
Town/suburb:            Reservoir (VIC)
Phone number:       0451 046 119
Email address:          [email protected]

Seaneen Copeland
Business Name:       Healthy Life Fitness Centre                                
Personal Name:      Seaneen Copeland                                                     
Town/suburb:           Hillarys  (W.A.)                                                           
Phone numbers:       0894014600 | 0415 410 188          
Email address:         [email protected]                               
Business Name:               Mobile Nutritionist
Personal Name:               Emilie Bric
Town/suburb:                   Scarborough (QLD)
Phone number:              0400 185 228
Email address:                 [email protected]
Personal Name:               Stephanie Stewart
Town/suburb:                   Pyrmont (NSW)
Phone number:              0426 298 820
Email address:                  [email protected]
Personal Name:               Jodie Cowdrey
Town/suburb:                   Kambalda (WA)
Phone number:              0420 635 050
Email address:                 [email protected]
Business Name:               Pure Performance PT
Personal Name:               Brandon Kempter
Town/suburb:                   Calloundra (QLD)
Phone number:              0412 913 116
Email address:                [email protected]
Ashlee Alfred
Ashlee Alfred
Business Name:       Befit, Llc                                                              
Personal Name:        Ashlee Alfred                                                       
Town/Suburb:           Killeen, Tx                                                                     
Phone Number:         254-223-3488
Email Address:         [email protected]                                                 
Website Address: 
Personal Name:               Ashleigh Newburn
Town/suburb:                   Maitland (NSW)
Phone number:                0432 761 678
Email address:                 [email protected]
Debbie Andrews - Westfield (WA), Australia
Debbie Andrews
Personal Name:               Debbie Andrews
Town/suburb:                   Westfield (WA)
Phone numbers:              0419 966 416 (2) 08 9399 4348
Email address:                 [email protected]
Personal Name:    Kylie Dickers
Town/Suburb:       RAAF Base Edinburgh SA
Phone number:     (08) 738 33467
Email  address:      [email protected]
Personal Name:     Antony Rahme
Town/suburb:         Sydney (NSW)
Phone number:      0430 031 526
Email  address:       [email protected]
Personal Name:    Mike Hamilton
Town/Suburb:       Lomita (CA), USA
Email  address:      [email protected]
Business Name:     Athletic Bodies Fitness  
Personal Name:    Rob Failla
Town/Suburb:       Campbellfield (NSW)
Phone number:     0413406891
Email  address:      [email protected]
Personal Name:             Derek Bishop
Town/suburb:               Orangevale, California, USA
Phone number:              9162762290
Email address:             [email protected]    
Adam Rogers
Personal Name:       Adam Rogers
Town/suburb:           Latrobe Valley, Victoria
Phone number:        0423 788 955 
Email address:         [email protected]
Business Name:      USAF   
Personal Name:      Michael Whitesel
Town/Suburb:        Misawa AB, Japan
Email  address:     [email protected]
Business Name:      JFPT
Personal Name:      Jordan Franzmann
Town/Suburb:         Jimboomba
Phone number:       0434533646
Email  address:       [email protected]
Personal Name:      Melissa Bradley
Town/Suburb:        Orange, NSW
Phone number:       0403068438
Email  address:     [email protected]
Tim Johnston
Business Name:      Body Change Fitness  
Personal Name:      Tim Johnston
Town/suburb:           Mt Eliza/Mornington/Frankston
Phone number:       0422 693 537
Email address:         [email protected]  
Website Address:
Business Name:      Pacific Fitness Solutions 
Personal Name:      Deborah Dawson
Town/suburb:        Gold Coast
Phone number:       0413207567
Email address:      [email protected]

Personal Name:    Charles Joseph Murphy   
Town/suburb:        Forde,Camberra ACT    
Phone number:     0477285392
Email address:       [email protected]
Personal Name:       Chris Majpruz

Town/suburb:           Nunawading, Victoria

Email address:         [email protected]
Personal Name:       Marvin Evans
Town/suburb:           St Louis Mo USA
Phone number:        3148682926        
Email address:         [email protected]
Heidi Jubber
Heidi Jubber
Personal Name:        Heidi Jubber
Town/suburb:          Ballarat/Mitchell Park
Phone number:       0427606049
Email address:         [email protected]
Personal Name:        Rein Townsend
Town/suburb:          San Diego. CA. USA
Phone number:       (858) 922-1314
Email address:        [email protected]
Business Name:      PhysioHealth 
Personal Name:      Scott Rolph
Town/suburb:         Newport/Sandringham (VIC)
Phone number:       0414 199 664
Email address:         [email protected]
Website Address:
Kat Millar
Kat Millar
Business Name:            Get Results Training
Personal Name:            Kat Millar
Town/suburb:              Sydney, Australia
Phone number:             0450 954 008
Email address:            [email protected]
Website Address:

RCpt is based at Plus Fitness in Melville, Perth. Our team led by head trainer Richard Collins, has focused on transformations of the body mind and spirit, We believe that the key to any transformation is education.  When you learn and understand what you are doing, you are more likely to succeed; this is what we pride ourselves on, through 1 on 1 Personal Training, Online Training as well as Small group seminars.

Business Name:       RCpt
Personal Name:       Richard Collins
Town/suburb:           Melville, Perth, Australia
Phone number:        0402 526 904                                            
Email address:         [email protected]
Website Address:
Business Name:            Total Body Personal Training
Personal Name:            Tammy Howe
Town/suburb:              Mount Gambier, South Australia
Phone number:             0418 841 768
Email address:            [email protected]

Kathy Isaacson
Personal Name:            Kathy Isaacson
Town/suburb:              Salisbury Downs, Adelaide
Phone number:             0423 268 566
Email address:            [email protected]

Andreea Spanu
Gym:               Good Life Murray Street
Business Name:          Body Strategy
Personal Name:          Andreea Spanu
Town/suburb:              Perth CBD, Australia
Phone number:           0424 584 033
Email address:            [email protected]

Lori Cipolla

Personal Name:          Lori Cipolla
Town/suburb:            Cranston, Rhode Island, USA
Email address:            [email protected]
Personal Name:            Adriano Mazzoni
Town/suburb:              Darlinghurst, Sydney (NSW), Australia
Phone number:             061 470509357
Email address:            [email protected]
Personal Name:            Alison Griet
Town/suburb:              Rowville (VIC), Australia
Phone number:             0409 154 208
Email address:            [email protected]
Personal Name:            Daniel Anthony England
Town/suburb:              Sinagra (WA), Australia
Phone number:             0420 498 872
Email address:            [email protected]
Business Name:          Skin Fitness
Personal Name:            Norman Orozco
Town/suburb:              Dallas (TX), USA
Phone number:             325 320 6828 / 305 767 0126
Email address:            [email protected]

Sanjeeb Chaudhary
Business Name:          San Destiny Fitness
Personal Name:           Sanjeeb Chaudhary
Town/suburb:              Panania, NSW, Australia
Phone number:             0402 649 440 / 028 7644088
Email address:            [email protected]
Business Name:          Tafinator Styles Weight loss and Fitness Coach
Personal Name:           Tafara Muchechembra
Town/suburb:              Mount Louise, QLD, Australia
Phone number:             0404 162 493 / 0747 894 914
Email address:            [email protected]
Business Name:          New Energy Personal Training
Personal Name:           Rebecca Wadge
Town/suburb:              Broome WA
Phone number:             0408 025 574
Email address:            [email protected]
Personal Name:           Alexandra Smith
Town/suburb:              Brisbane
Phone number:             07 3262 2795 / 0402376631
Email address:            [email protected]
Business Name:          One 2 One Personal Training
Personal Name:           Gemma Stanley
Town/suburb:             Baldivis Perth WA
Phone number:            0433 211 982
Email address:            [email protected]

Ace Pooloo

Business Name:          Extreme Evolution
Personal Name:          Ace Pooloo
Town/suburb:              Parramatta, NSW, Australia
Phone number:           0433 664 533
Email address:            [email protected]
Business Name:         I D O L Health & Fitness
Personal Name:          Naomi Baillie
Town/suburb:             Gladstone, Qld
Phone number:           0400 303599
Email address:            [email protected]
Personal Name:          Jessica Bellio
Town/suburb:             Belgrave Heights, Vic
Phone number:           0448 411 411
Email address:            [email protected]

Celine Rattray
Business Name:          Phenomenal Physiques By Celine
Personal Name:          Celine Rattray (Advanced Sports & Nutritional Therapist)
Town/suburb:              Mondurah...W.A.
Phone number:           0429 357 974
Email address:            [email protected]
Business Name:          Bennagelfitness
Personal Name:          Ben Nagel
Town/suburb:              Murray Bridge, SA
Phone number:           0417 15 706
Email address:            [email protected]
Personal Name:          Sarah Sa
Town/suburb:              77 Lake Heights Rd Lake Heights NSW 2502
Phone number:           0400 113 460
Email address:            [email protected]
Business Name:          WMTraining
Personal Name:          Win Marsh
Town/suburb:              Gladstone QLD 4680
Phone number:           0427 721 519 / 0427 499 527
Email address:            [email protected]
Business Name:         Stacefit
Personal Name:          Stacey Roberts
Town/suburb:             Gold Coast QLD
Phone number:           0437 070 391
Email address:            [email protected]
Business Name:         Radiate Fitness
Personal Name:          Robyn Burgess
Town/suburb:             Adelaide, SA
Phone number:           0404 055 363
Email address:            [email protected]
Business Name:         Aesthetic Physiques PT & Nutrition
Personal Name:          Clinton Sills
Town/suburb:             Matraville, NSW
Phone number:           0467 2257 063 / 9661 9607
Email address:            [email protected]
Personal Name:          Sarah Sa
Town/suburb:             Lake Heights, NSW
Phone number:           0400 1134 60
Email address:            [email protected]
Business Name:         Virgin Active (East London), South Africa
Personal Name:          Keegan Van Schalkwyk
Town/suburb:             East London, South Africa
Phone number:           0780 0846 30
Email address:            [email protected]
Personal Name:          Justin Mc Conville
Town/suburb:             Essendon, Melbourne, VIC
Phone number:           0421 9425 80
Email address:            [email protected]
Personal Name:          Steven England
Town/suburb:             Safety Beach, Melbourne, VIC
Phone number:          0433 3749 55
Email address:            [email protected]
Personal Name:          Emma Wilson
Town/suburb:             Maroubra, Sydney, NSW
Phone number:          0401 5824 73
Email address:            [email protected]
Business Name:         Danielle Paterson Accredited Practising Dietition
Personal Name:          Daniel Paterson
Town/suburb:             Echuca, VIC
Phone number:          0422 4911 37
Email address:            [email protected]
Business Name:         Danielle Paterson Accredited Practising Dietition
Personal Name:          Daniel Paterson
Town/suburb:             Echuca, VIC
Phone number:          0422 4911 37
Email address:            [email protected]
Personal Name:          Rebecca Durrance
Town/suburb:             Mount Martha, Melbourne, VIC
Phone number:          0412 4440 80
Email address:            [email protected]
Personal Name:          Kevin Vo
Town/suburb:             Dandenong North, Melbourne, VIC
Phone number:          0466 8990 95
Email address:            [email protected]

Chris Lycho
Business Name:         Chris Lycho Fitness Coach
Personal Name:          Chris Lycho
Town/suburb:             Southwest Sydney, NSW
Phone number:           0430 564 302
Email address:            [email protected]
Business Name:        Truedge Fitness
Personal Name:         James Fugal
Town/suburb:             Bradbury, NSW
Email address:            [email protected]
Business Name:        Alex Breden Fitness
Personal Name:         Alex Breden
Town/suburb:             Lang Warrin, VIC
Email address:            alexbredenfitness
Personal Name:         Darren Hogan
Town/suburb:             Cobram, VIC
Phone number:           0421 618 231 / 03 5871 1080
Email address:            [email protected]
Personal Name:         Greg Tyneic
Town/suburb:             Cobram, VIC
Phone number:           0466 461 245
Email address:            [email protected]

Jo-Anne Aquillina
Business Name:         Jo Aquillina PT
Personal Name:          Jo-Anne Aquillina
Town/suburb:             Penrith, NSW
Phone number:           0418 442 662
Email address:            [email protected]

Ebony Page
Business Name:        Ebony Page ­ Personal Training
Personal Name:        Ebony Page
Town/suburb:            Baldivis, WA
Phone number:        1 0423 460 511
Email address:         [email protected]

Jeanine Piva
Business Name:    Fitt Bodz
Personal Name:     Jeanine Piva
Town/suburb:         Victoria Point, Brisbane QLD
Phone number:      1 0428 231 073
Email address:       [email protected]
Business Name:    Natural Selection
Personal Name:     Boris Zivkovic
Town/suburb:         Hobart, TAS
Phone number:      0458 017 716
Email address:       [email protected]
Business Name:    Issy Fitness
Personal Name:     Issy Chettibi
Town/suburb:         Torquay/Geelong, VIC
Phone number:      0429 994 396 / 5261 4255
Email address:       [email protected]

Alexis Zibolis
Business Name:    Fierce Physiques
Personal Name:     Alexis Zibolis PFT PN1
Town/suburb:         Seattle, Washington USA
Phone number:      310 925 8053
Email address:       [email protected]
Business Name:    Tight and Tidy Fitness
Personal Name:     Deb Poole
Town/suburb:         Morningside, QLD
Phone number:      310 925 8053
Email address:       [email protected]
Personal Name:     Kirsty Ray
Town/suburb:         Darwin, NT
Phone number:      045 833 1943
Email address:       [email protected]
Business Name:     Fit'n' Firm Physiques
Personal Name:     Joe Boyle
Town/suburb:         Auckland, New Zealand
Phone number:      486 0900 / 027 584 3920
Email address:       [email protected]

Renita Oliverio
Business Name:     Flex and Burn Fitness
Personal Name:     Renita Oliverio
Town/suburb:         NSW, Australia
Phone number:      0413 004 257
Email address:       [email protected]
Personal Name:     Kirsten Weddell
Town/suburb:         Capalaba (QLD), Australia
Phone number:      0411 039 266
Email address:       [email protected]
Business Name:     ROMteq Fitness
Personal Name:     Todd Wale
Town/suburb:         Butler, Western Australia
Phone number:      0447 970 163
Email address:       [email protected]

Patrick Ranasinghe
Business Name:     Resolve Personal Training
Personal Name:     Patrick Ranasinghe
Town/suburb:         Cairns (QLD), Australia
Phone number:      0740 545859

Paul Humphries
Business Name:     Muscletown PT Personal
Personal Name:     Paul Humphries
Phone number:         0490 41 444 / (02) 6226 1469
Email address:       [email protected]
Business Name:     Infinity Fitness Moonta
Personal Name:     Emma-Lee Spaeth
Town/suburb:        Moonta (SA), Australia
Phone number:      0428 003 873
Email address:       [email protected]

Yuanchao (Sep) Wang
Business Name:     Sepfitness
Personal Name:     Yuanchao (Sep) Wang
Town/suburb:        North Strathfield (NSW), Australia
Phone number:       0404 886 462
Email address:       [email protected]

Andrew Young
Business Name:   Complete Personal Transformations
Personal Name:    Andrew Young
Town/suburb:        Randwick/Sydney (NSW), Australia
Phone number:     0434 120 724
Email address:      [email protected]
Business Name:     Warrior the Centre
Personal Name:     Luke Goodale
Town/suburb:        Mackay (QLD), Australia
Phone number:      0429 012 398
Email address:       [email protected]
Personal Name:     Joyce Nunu
Email address:       [email protected]

Kaylie Hynes
Personal Name:    Kaylie Hynes
Town/suburb:        Perth (WA), Australia
Phone number:     0437 016 858
Email address:      [email protected]
Personal Name:    Heidi Bessler
Town/suburb:        Ballarat (VIC), Australia
Phone number:     409 387 335
Email address:      [email protected]

Jonathon Jones
Business Name:   TeamVPF
Personal Name:    Jonathon Jones
Town/suburb:       Cleverland Brisbane (QLD), Australia
Phone number:     0414 879 260
Email address:      [email protected]
Personal Name:    Deborah Brown
Town/suburb:        Glen Eden (QLD), Australia
Phone number:     435 233 166
Email address:      [email protected]
Business Name:     More Than Fitness PT
Personal Name:    Oscar James Harding
Town/suburb:        Burnie (TAS), Australia
Phone number:     409 858 304
Business Name:    Bring It Fitness Training
Personal Name:    Amanda Moore
Town/suburb:        Kalgoorlie (WA), Australia
Phone number:     415 892 183
Email Address:      [email protected]
Business Name:    Brooke-lin
Personal Name:    Brooke-lin Spencer
Town/suburb:        Gold Coast (QLD), Australia
Phone number:     452 382 733
Email Address:      [email protected]

Adam Hamilton
Business Name:    Adam Hamilton Fitness
Personal Name:    Adam Hamilton
Town/suburb:        Jindalee, Brisbane (QLD), Australia
Phone number:     439 551 306
Email Address:      [email protected]
Business Name:   Tiny Tank Fitness
Personal Name:    Tekiri (aka Tee) Whana
Town/suburb:       Gold Coast (QLD), Australia
Phone number:     042 487 6427
Email Address:     [email protected]

Ira Hornung
Business Name:    Ira- The Movement Engine
Personal Name:    Ira Hornung
Town/suburb:        Chelsea (VIC), Australia
Phone number:     450 142 124
Business Name:    Rogue Revolution PT
Personal Name:    Rachael Hewson
Town/suburb:        Kwinana (WA)
Phone number:     404 153 853
Email Address:      [email protected]
Business Name:    Team Dream Physique
Personal Name:    Zachary Ward
Town/suburb:        Balmain, Sydney (NSW)
Phone number:     0408 127 045 | 040 062 6911
Email Address:      [email protected]
Business Name:    Warrior the Centre
Personal Name:    Rebecca Goodale
Town/suburb:        Mackay (QLD)
Phone number:     074 957 3338 | 044 832 5205
Email Address:      [email protected]
Personal Name:    Kosmas Papageorgiou
Town/suburb:        Oslo, Norway
Phone number:     004 790 067 282
Email Address:      [email protected]

Lauren Reilly
Business Name:    Lauren Prosser
Personal Name:    Lauren Reilly
Town/suburb:        Doncaster East, Melbourne (VIC), Australia
Phone number:     041 844 5772
Email Address:      [email protected]
Personal Name:    Jason Irvine
Town/suburb:        Capalaba (QLD), Australia
Phone number:     0455 622 330
Email Address:      [email protected]

Taylah Berry
I started my fitness journey 2 years ago. Iad, depressed and weighed over 105kgs; I had to make a change. I started eating well and exercising, and just fell in love; got my certificates in fitness and lost some 50kgs. Now compete in body building. I now specialize in mental well being, muscle gain, a weight loss and now compete preparation love, helping people with their journey.

Business Name:    Berry Fit Bodz
Personal Name:    Taylah Berry
Town/suburb:        Abermain Cressnock (NSW), Australia
Phone number:     0413 759 727
Email Address:      [email protected]

As a 73 year old, I have been associated with the fitness industry for many years, which includes competing 32 years ago and having judged competitions at National level. I am still very involved in my Personal Training Gym training clients in the various elements of fitness. I recently joined ICN/INBA in order to promote a drug free platform for up and coming physique athletes in my area. I have a renewed zest for the sport of bodybuilding as result of my association with your organisation.

Business Name:    Lifestyle Fitness
Personal Name:    Danny Veness
Town/suburb:        Hilton (KZN), South Africa
Phone number:     +2783 251 6726 / +2774 102 8877
Email Address:      [email protected]

Lisi Urlich-Smith

Business Name:    Four Elements Holistic Fitness
Personal Name:    Lisi Urlich-Smith
Town/suburb:        Tweed Heads (NSW), Australia
Phone number:     0400 304 937
Email Address:      [email protected]

Personal Name:    George Dinesh
Town/suburb:        Bangalore, India
Phone number:     9620 815 003
Email Address:      [email protected]

Romi Gill

Personal Name:    Romi Gill
Town/suburb:        New Dehli, India
Phone number:     8700 432 975
Email Address:      [email protected]

Abu Bucker Mohammed

Personal Name:    Abu Bucker Mohammed
Town/suburb:        Chennai, India
Phone number:     9655 574 150
Email Address:      [email protected]

Personal Name:    Clinton Williams
Town/suburb:        Christchurch. New Zealand
Phone number:     +6122 356 2542
Email Address:      [email protected]

Craig Andre' Sevell

Business Name:    Classic Physique Aesthetics
Personal Name:     Craig Andre' Sevell
Town/suburb:        South Africa, Gauteng, Johannesburg
Phone number:      08 2946 3167
Email Address:      [email protected]

Business Name:    Viking Physique
Personal Name:    Tauu Andersson
Town/suburb:        Mango Hill (QLD), Australia
Phone number:     (043) 590 0399
Email Address:      [email protected]

Business Name:    Ben Jones Fitness
Personal Name:    Ben Jones
Town/suburb:        Brisbane (QLD), Australia
Phone number:     (0403) 135 498
Email Address:      [email protected]

Koushik Mandal

Business Name:    Flamebox Fitness studio
Personal Name:     Koushik Mandal
Town/suburb:        Parganas, India
Phone number:      88 2069 4373 (2) 93 3034 8280
Email Address:      [email protected]

Business Name:    FitRme
Personal Name:    Eddie Hanger
Town/suburb:        Melbourne (VIC), Australia
Phone number:     (0414) 549 221 / (0451) 062 731
Email Address:      [email protected]

Business Name:    Jaxon Human
Personal Name:    Kristian Nagel
Town/suburb:        Melbourne (VIC), Australia
Phone number:     (0431) 109 818
Email Address:      [email protected]

Olivia Plane

Business Name:    Guru Personal Training
Personal Name:     Olivia Plane
Town/suburb:        Waga Waga (NSW), Australia
Phone number:      04 9050 4474
Email Address:      [email protected]

Business Name:    Crazy Fit
Personal Name:    Ashole. M
Town/suburb:        Chennai, India
Phone number:     908 062 411
Email Address:      [email protected]

Business Name:    Riverland Fitness Centre
Personal Name:    Abbey Richards
Town/suburb:        Berri, South Australia
Phone number:     0418 807 442
Email Address:      [email protected]

Business Name:    AD Performance Training
Personal Name:    Alexander Drescher
Town/suburb:        Kirribilli, Sydney, NSW
Phone number:     +61 401 461 771
Email Address:      [email protected]
Instagram:               adperformancetraining

Personal Name:    Mitchell Johnstone
Town/suburb:        Brisbane, QLD
Phone number:     0447 744 251

Warren Percival

Business Name:    Second Chance Fitness
Personal Name:     Warren Percival
Town/suburb:        Bundaberg (QLD), Australia
Phone number:      0400 048 629
Email Address:      [email protected]

Business Name:    Stalwart Gym
Personal Name:     Pakash Kumar Singh
Town/suburb:        Bhubaneswar, India
Phone number:      8917 404 305
Email Address:      [email protected]

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